Monday, October 13, 2008


Betty is my great-aunt, and she has always been special to me. Her daughter, Teresa, was my best friend all through the school years. You may remember reading about the "good cousin/bad cousin?" Well, Teresa was the bad cousin. No, she wasn't that kind of bad . . . she was the fun kind of bad. Have you ever heard "A friend will help you move, but your best friend will help you move a body"? That's the kind of friendship that Teresa and I had. Fortunately, I never had to move any bodies for her; nor she for me! Anyway, Aunt Betty has a birthday on Wednesday, so I made this card for her. She was always an excellent cook--chicken pie and gingerbread were her specialties as far as I was concerned. Teresa and I used to accuse my sister of faking illnessess just so she'd get to leave school early and camp out on Aunt Betty's sofa and enjoy warm, homemade gingerbread! Aunt Betty even named her chicken pie recipe "Regina's Famous Chicken Pie" in a local homemaker's club cookbook. Chadrick couldn't believe that with my cooking skills I managed to have a recipe named after me, so I told him it wasn't named after me because I wrote the recipe but because I LOVED the way Aunt Betty made it! No matter how many times I follow that recipe, I'm convinced that it's Betty's special pan and a sprinkle of love from her hand that makes her chicken pies so much tastier than mine. Anyway, I'm sending Betty some special cupcakes, sprinkled with SU's Fine Cosmos glitter! Happy Birthday, Aunt Betty!!!

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