Saturday, July 29, 2017


Several days ago, I received a nice big order from Chalk Couture with a lot of new image transfers and lots of Chalkology Paste color choices, but I didn't get a chance to create something new until today.  I don't know what it is about the Farm House transfer--I have never lived on a farm--but I just had to have it.

What's that?  You don't know anything about Chalk Couture?  Well, I can help you with that.  The company is still relatively new, but they have an exciting yet simple product line that consists of the following:

Chalkboards - Framed and unframed options; all chalkboards are magnetic, which makes it easy to attach adornments, embellishments, photos, etc. to the decorated board.

Chalk Transfers - Lots and lots from which to choose, these are like a cross between thin vinyl and stencils.  All of the transfers are silkscreen, which means the Chalkology Paste does not seep under the image or go where you don't want it--this is FANTASTIC!!!! 

Chalkology Paste - This is the fun stuff that you use with the transfers to . . . uh, well . . . transfer the image(s) onto your chosen surface (chalkboard, canvas, wood, metal, glass, etc.).  The paste dries really fast, there are a LOT of colors from which to choose and, when you're ready to re-use the surface, all you have to do is wash away the previous design with water.  Note:  Some surfaces may not be conducive to being re-used, such as canvas, fabric, wood.

And this is the sign that I practiced on today:

Aren't the images fun???  I used all but two of the images that come with the Farm House transfer (it's a huge one!), and I kept myself hopping between three colors of Chalkology Paste:  Brick, Charcoal, and School Bus Yellow.  I knew that I should have a small body of water nearby to place the transfers in when I pulled them off the board, but I learned today that it would have been much easier to work on this project in the kitchen near the sink since some of the image transfers were a bit on the large side.  Still, it all worked out, and the transfers cleaned up beautifully (with water and a spritz of antibacterial spray).  Working with the Chalkology Paste is such a dream because it dries so fast!  I actually started at the bottom of my sign and worked my way to the top, and I didn't have to worry about smears or getting the paste on me or my clothes.

Want to know more about Chalk Couture?  Email me at randari at Hotmail dot com.

Thursday, July 27, 2017


Do you like taking notes or doodling? Do you like giving handmade gifts? Then this is a project for you! Make this cool notebook with a coordinating card and bookmark. Dress up a simple notebook with craft sticks and make it durable and reusable. This cover will not wear down easily. Learn a simple and fast bookbinding technique that is easy enough to do for adults and kids alike.

The tutorial for the July Bonus project, which was designed by Monika Davis, can be found at Craft Project Central.

DID YOU KNOW?  The bonus project can be obtained by subscribing to any of the three, six, or 12-month subscription packages that include the month that the bonus project is posted. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017


In my July 3rd blog post, I shared information about the Creating Pretty Cards - Card Challenge #73 which I had the pleasure of designing for Craft Project Central this month.  The sketch looks like this:
You can see the FREE sketch tutorial HERE.  For every 10 cards that are created and uploaded HERE for the card challenge, there will be a winner who will receive a FREE one-month subscription to the fantastic tutorials (which feature only Stampin' Up! products) at Craft Project Central.
Even though I haven't yet shared the swap cards from my June class, I wanted to go ahead and share the swaps from my July class since they feature this month's color-block sketch.  I think my friends did an awesome job of creating a variety of colors and themes, and each of them are full of texture and a mix of stamping and designer papers.  Following are the swaps:

And this is the card that I made for the swap:
I hope that all of these cards will inspire YOU to create a card for the challenge.  For more ideas and inspiration, hop over to Craft Project Central and take a look at all of the other cards that have been submitted for this month's challenge.  They're great!!!!

Saturday, July 22, 2017


Stamping supplies and art supplies can be married together to create some beautiful and original pieces of art!  Let’s get your art flowing in this tutorial by combining your stamps and ink with gesso and glazing liquid!  In this tutorial, you will learn how to use stamps and some of the lids from your stamping supplies to create amazing texture on canvases.  You will also learn how to create original works of textured art on Watercolor Paper to decorate your card fronts.  These techniques are fun for adults and children alike! Let’s get your art flowing!

The tutorial for this creative ensemble, which was designed by Michelle Wecksler, can be found at Craft Project Central.

Monday, July 17, 2017


Summer is here and many think of time spent on family vacations or just relaxing at the beach.  These projects are meant to evoke the feeling of the beach in all its sandy splendor. This tutorial will show you how to make a pretty beach themed card, perfect for any occasion, as well as a scrapbook page with holder and Memory Bottle. You’ll learn how to make a ‘Glitter Splatter’ accent that resembles a splash of sand, as well as some stitching detail.

How pretty is this ensemble?!?!  The tutorial for this fantastic project, which was designed by Beth Rush, can be found at Craft Project Central.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


If you want to get a head start on some Christmas projects this summer, here is an adorable boxed set of cards and tags that you can make for someone special--it looks like a Christmas present!  This compartmentalized box holds three or more standard sized cards, three or more 3” x 3” card/tags, and three or more regular gift tags. This boxed set will get you singing Christmas carols in the middle of summer!

When December rolls around, you'll be sooooooo glad that you got an early start on your Christmas cards!  The tutorial for this fantastic project, which was designed by Karen Hallam, can be found at Craft Project Central.

Thursday, July 6, 2017


Do you ever worry about giving someone a handmade gift because it may not match the colors in their home or office? Well, worry no more. This 12” x 12” Butterfly Frame was designed using neutral colors that will fit any d├ęcor. The butterflies look like they are in flight, with their wings fluttering to and fro. The frame can stand on a bookcase or it can be hung on a wall. There is also a coordinating butterfly greeting card.

The tutorial for this lovely ensemble, which was designed by Sue Lehrer, can be found at Craft Project Central.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Through the years, I have had a few posts about this beautiful dog, Buddy:
Buddy was our neighbor's dog, but we always considered him our dog, too.  For about 10 years, he has greeted us at the car, walked us to the door--walked our visitors to the door, came to get a treat, or sometimes would just be found chillin' on the cool concrete porch on a hot summer day.  I can remember thinking that as much as I loved Buddy, he would never be allowed in my house.  I'm not sure when, how, or why that changed, but he required no adjustment period to feel comfortable in our home.  And, surprisingly, I didn't require an adjustment period, either.  Sometimes Buddy would just walk right in behind us, and lay down.  Sometimes he chose to lay where we needed to walk or pass numerous times, but often he would settle in one of the bedrooms where he could enjoy some peace and quiet.  Always he was welcome, especially as he got older and more feeble.  Buddy didn't bother anything!  He might walk into the kitchen and look and sniff around, but his tongue never came out of his mouth.  He. was. THE. BEST. dog.  Well . . . there was the one time when he got a corn cob out of the trash and laid it on the carpet in my stamp room, but I'm sure I had done something to deserve that subtle act of rebellion.

Over time, we learned that Buddy was very afraid of storms.  When a storm would come up, we always looked to see if his people were home or if their garage door was open.  Sometimes, he would already be on our porch and didn't need any coaxing to come inside.  This past Sunday, 17-year-old (92 lb.) Buddy passed away.  Our cul-de-sac will never, ever be the same without him.  Even though he didn't care too much for our puppy, Ramsour, when we got him last August, Buddy still came to visit and enjoyed the treats we kept for him (see the "Buddy's Treats" can that we kept by the door HERE).  Why do dogs have to age so fast????  Dogs like Buddy deserve to live forever--and feel like living forever.  I like to think that he is running with renewed energy, vitality, and a smile that won't fade past the Rainbow Bridge to a delicious steak (complete with a bone) that awaits him in a nice, shady place with plush green grass.  I'll bet he's already earned the job of official greeter!  So long, Buddy.  Maybe that extra energy and "feel good" that you now have comes from all of the pieces of hearts that you (deservingly) took with you. 

Monday, July 3, 2017


Each month in addition to the great 3D projects that Craft Project Central has for you, they also host a monthly card challenge – Creating Pretty Cards!! To help you recreate the sketch each month, a free Sketch Mini Tutorial is provided! This mini tutorial has information about how the inspiration card (using the sketch) was created, supplies used, and basic measurements!!  For every ten cards submitted, they’ll pick one winner of a free one month subscription! The winner(s) will get to select the month of their choice! Head over to Craft Project Central to learn more and submit your creation!!

I had the pleasure of designing the sketch this month, and I chose a really simple color block design, hoping that a lot of stampers would create and upload a fun, colorful card for the challenge.  If you're like me, you're already anxious to see a lot of color combinations!  This is what the sketch looks like:

That free tutorial that I mentioned in the first paragraph can be found HERE for the card that I designed for the Creating Pretty Cards - Card Challenge #73:
Ready to create a card?  I can't wait to see the awesome colors that YOU come up with for your color blocks!  Don't forget to UPLOAD YOUR CARD for a chance to win a FREE one-month subscription to the fantastic project tutorials, which feature only Stampin' Up! products!

Saturday, July 1, 2017


It’s never too early to teach children to send greeting cards. This card kit makes it easy for them to create beautiful cards to send to family and friends. You’ll use the Wood Words Bundle and This Little Piggy Stamp Set to create an extended crate for the Very Vanilla Note Cards and Envelopes, as well as elements for children to adhere to their cards. They’ll enjoy painting the piggies with water and watching color magically appear, and then using their creativity to add the layers, sentiments, and embellishments. The crate holds materials for four cards; you’ll complete a fifth card to send with the kit as an example for putting the cards together. This kit could be two classes – one for parents to create the kit, and a second to help the children complete the cards.

The tutorial for this adorable project, which was designed by Buffy Cooper, can be found at Craft Project Central.