Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Through the years, I have had a few posts about this beautiful dog, Buddy:
Buddy was our neighbor's dog, but we always considered him our dog, too.  For about 10 years, he has greeted us at the car, walked us to the door--walked our visitors to the door, came to get a treat, or sometimes would just be found chillin' on the cool concrete porch on a hot summer day.  I can remember thinking that as much as I loved Buddy, he would never be allowed in my house.  I'm not sure when, how, or why that changed, but he required no adjustment period to feel comfortable in our home.  And, surprisingly, I didn't require an adjustment period, either.  Sometimes Buddy would just walk right in behind us, and lay down.  Sometimes he chose to lay where we needed to walk or pass numerous times, but often he would settle in one of the bedrooms where he could enjoy some peace and quiet.  Always he was welcome, especially as he got older and more feeble.  Buddy didn't bother anything!  He might walk into the kitchen and look and sniff around, but his tongue never came out of his mouth.  He. was. THE. BEST. dog.  Well . . . there was the one time when he got a corn cob out of the trash and laid it on the carpet in my stamp room, but I'm sure I had done something to deserve that subtle act of rebellion.

Over time, we learned that Buddy was very afraid of storms.  When a storm would come up, we always looked to see if his people were home or if their garage door was open.  Sometimes, he would already be on our porch and didn't need any coaxing to come inside.  This past Sunday, 17-year-old (92 lb.) Buddy passed away.  Our cul-de-sac will never, ever be the same without him.  Even though he didn't care too much for our puppy, Ramsour, when we got him last August, Buddy still came to visit and enjoyed the treats we kept for him (see the "Buddy's Treats" can that we kept by the door HERE).  Why do dogs have to age so fast????  Dogs like Buddy deserve to live forever--and feel like living forever.  I like to think that he is running with renewed energy, vitality, and a smile that won't fade past the Rainbow Bridge to a delicious steak (complete with a bone) that awaits him in a nice, shady place with plush green grass.  I'll bet he's already earned the job of official greeter!  So long, Buddy.  Maybe that extra energy and "feel good" that you now have comes from all of the pieces of hearts that you (deservingly) took with you. 


patsyspiddlings2.blogspot.com said...

It is so very hard to have our fur babies cross the rainbow bridge. Your story brought a tear to my eye. Buddy knew how much you loved him, they sense these things. You will always have his memories. Thanks for sharing your story about Buddy.

lisa808 said...

I am so sorry. It is very difficult to lose a furry family member or friend.

Dorri Woodlock said...

Oh how sad! He used to greet us when we came to classes at your house. I think I gave him a few treats at one time or another. It is very sad that fur babies don't live longer. I'm sure Buddy knew he was loved. 🐾