Saturday, July 29, 2017


Several days ago, I received a nice big order from Chalk Couture with a lot of new image transfers and lots of Chalkology Paste color choices, but I didn't get a chance to create something new until today.  I don't know what it is about the Farm House transfer--I have never lived on a farm--but I just had to have it.

What's that?  You don't know anything about Chalk Couture?  Well, I can help you with that.  The company is still relatively new, but they have an exciting yet simple product line that consists of the following:

Chalkboards - Framed and unframed options; all chalkboards are magnetic, which makes it easy to attach adornments, embellishments, photos, etc. to the decorated board.

Chalk Transfers - Lots and lots from which to choose, these are like a cross between thin vinyl and stencils.  All of the transfers are silkscreen, which means the Chalkology Paste does not seep under the image or go where you don't want it--this is FANTASTIC!!!! 

Chalkology Paste - This is the fun stuff that you use with the transfers to . . . uh, well . . . transfer the image(s) onto your chosen surface (chalkboard, canvas, wood, metal, glass, etc.).  The paste dries really fast, there are a LOT of colors from which to choose and, when you're ready to re-use the surface, all you have to do is wash away the previous design with water.  Note:  Some surfaces may not be conducive to being re-used, such as canvas, fabric, wood.

And this is the sign that I practiced on today:

Aren't the images fun???  I used all but two of the images that come with the Farm House transfer (it's a huge one!), and I kept myself hopping between three colors of Chalkology Paste:  Brick, Charcoal, and School Bus Yellow.  I knew that I should have a small body of water nearby to place the transfers in when I pulled them off the board, but I learned today that it would have been much easier to work on this project in the kitchen near the sink since some of the image transfers were a bit on the large side.  Still, it all worked out, and the transfers cleaned up beautifully (with water and a spritz of antibacterial spray).  Working with the Chalkology Paste is such a dream because it dries so fast!  I actually started at the bottom of my sign and worked my way to the top, and I didn't have to worry about smears or getting the paste on me or my clothes.

Want to know more about Chalk Couture?  Email me at randari at Hotmail dot com.

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