Friday, December 18, 2009


Buddy is our neighbor's dog, and we love him!  He used to run loose, and my husband and son would carry dog biscuits in their vehicles for him.  Whenever they'd drive up, Buddy would come running for a treat!  Not too long ago, the neighbor installed an invisible fence, so we now keep the biscuits in the house.  Every now and then, Buddy's fence is turned off and he'll escort us from the car to the door and patiently wait for a treat.  I decided to purchase this stainless steel can for the biscuits and decorate it with vinyl die-cuts.  The letters were extremely challenging but, all in all, I think it turned out cute.  I think Buddy would love it, too, if he could see it.  Ha!

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Wanda said...

Regina, just found your blog. I love Buddy's can - it's precious! Are you giving it to him/and neighbor or keeping it to keep his treats in. Love Buddy to - found his picture. I also have a neighbor who has a dog, and runs down that fence when he knows I've gotten into my car - waiting for me to throw him 2 dog biscuits. He can count - since he waits for the second. And the other day, I only threw him one - and drove off - but he ran down that fence to the end with that biscuit in his mouth - wondering "where is the second one?" LOL TFS