Sunday, December 20, 2009


How cute is this box????  Unfortunately, I'm prohibited from writing much about it, but I will say this . . . Cindy McVey to the rescue!!  I was in need of a tall box for some Christmas gifts, and Cindy was johnny-on-the-spot to design this one (according to the measurements I provided) and shared the cut file at no charge!  I'd love to tell you what this box was designed to hold, but I can't since a couple of people who read my blog will be getting one of these on Friday.  All I had to do was choose the card stock, holiday decoration, add some ribbon, and call it done!  The world's a nicer place (and holiday projects get done lickety-split) with friends like Cindy!

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Cindy McVey said...

Regina, your boxes turned out SO awesome! I'm glad I could help you out - in fact, I need more ideas, so anything you think of that you'd like me to make a stab at, just let me know! Happy New Year!