Friday, December 11, 2009


On Saturday, I'm hosting a Holiday Reception, so I decided to prepare most of my food today (Thursday) and do the cleaning on Friday.  At my grandmother's birthday party a couple of weeks ago, my mother had  some delicious brownies (with a pink filling).  Those brownies got rave reviews, and my mother assured me they'd be an easy food for my party.  I thought mothers instinctly knew the limitations of their own child, but maybe I've just been "grown and gone" too long.  It's 3ish a.m., and I just now finished these darn things!  The ones pictured aren't very appealing, but they are my "go to" batch in case I begin to run low--you know, the time when these will actually look beautiful!  Now, the recipe does seem very easy--there are only three steps; however, after step 1, you wait 20 to 25 minutes for baking, cool for 10 minutes, refrigerate for 20 minutes.  After step 2, you refrigerate for 20 minutes.  After step 3, you refrigerate for a while and then cut.  At the beginning of each step, you grab a stick of butter which might be habit-forming.  I think I'm going to reach for a stick of butter each time I go in the kitchen now!  If I had really studied this recipe, I would have known it wasn't for me.  My kitchen is a mess, even though I have washed the same mixing bowl and measuring cup several times during the course of this creation.  It may not have taken as long to complete the brownies if I wasn't so easily side-tracked.  You see, each time I left the kitchen for one of the many "wait" periods, I got involved in something else.  Waiting is not something that I do well.  I suppose I could have cleaned the kitchen during the wait times, but I just wanted out of there!  Thank you, mother, for the confidence you had in my patience and ability, but I can't see these brownies in my future.

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