Thursday, December 31, 2009


My sister sews, and I don't.  When I told her about a pretty quilt purse that I'd seen recently, she agreed that we should make one.  She came to my house two days ago with her sewing machine and fabric and let me choose which fabric to use for our first purse.  All that I knew about making one was that we would use the Big Shot machine and Stampin' Up!'s Scallop Square die to cut the squares, and I kind of panicked when she asked about instructions.  Huh?  I thought someone who sews and had made purses before would just know how to make one.  Apparently, that's one more thing about sewing that I don't know!  We got a good laugh about it, and she was a really good sport about figuring out what to do.  Just look at this BEAUTIFUL purse she made!!!!!!!!  We agreed that it needed to be decked out, so we used some Stampin' Up! ribbon to add even more shabby to the chic.  I also pulled out the Swarovski crystals, which I think add a subtle touch of bling!  The last addition was the beaded Prayer Box charm, which I love.  We had some other ideas that, hopefully, will end up on future purses.  All in all, I have had a lot of fun with my sister while her hobby and mine blended to create this pretty purse which, by the way, I get to keep!  Am I lucky or what????   
ETA:  This is the interior of the purse.  Isn't it cute??????


Judy H. said...

Love it regina! I've been wanting to make one of these myself

Laura Lipe, Pisgah Forest, NC said...

This is just GORGEOUS!!!! I love it!! I have given up sewing for stamping but I just may have to make one of these!! You'll love carrying this one. Smiles, Laura

Renee said...

Regina, I have completed my larger purse and need you to use your Big Shot to cut more fabric for me to make a purse to match the jacket I am making. I am so excited!!!! I already have the squares cut for you. I need more ribbon. What fun I had working on this project with you and I have designed a few more clothing items using the Big Shot. Can't wait to share with you. Love ya Renee