Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It's hard to believe, but my nephew is celebrating his 16th birthday today!  I can remember visiting the hospital that evening, 16 years ago.  On the way home, Chad (who was 4 y/o) wanted to know if Bryson was his brother--or if he "could" be.  I told him that Bryson would be his very good friend and that they'd probably be a lot like brothers.  A few months later, when Chad went to Kindergarten, he told his teachers that he had a baby brother who didn't live at our house.  It was during a parent/teacher conference when I found out about this, and I'm not sure that I convinced the teachers that Chad's "brother" was actually my nephew.  My squirming and stammering, I'm sure, made the teachers wonder what kind of mother I must be to have a child--a baby--who didn't live in my home.  For a while, Chad told a lot of people--strangers, store employees, etc.--about his brother who didn't live at our house.  I tried to give a convincing isn't-it-sweet-how-much-he loves-his-baby-COUSIN look, but you know a lot of people didn't buy the truth.  Through the years, Chad and Bryson have been a lot like brothers, and I feel blessed that they have each other.  Bryson is a smart, compassionate young man with a level head on his shoulders, and I wish him all the best on this milestone birthday!  I wanted to send him a special card, so I designed this one on the Gypsy and cut it with the Cricut.  The boy on the card actually resembles a younger Bryson, and the dog riding with him is his own dog, Winston.  Bryson enjoys skateboarding, and that's why there's a skateboard strapped to the top of his car.  ;-)

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Julie said...

You always come up with the perfect card for the loved ones in your life. Very orginal and extremely well thought out.