Thursday, June 23, 2011


Of course, when I am ready to post this picture to my blog, I cannot recall the name of these flowers.  Just look at how huge those leaves are!  You certainly can't tell from the picture, but this flower/plant/whatever you call it is more than 4' tall--and it is shading the daylight at the bay window in my dining room.  I've lived in my house for nearly 16 years and, for the first time, this bulb flower sprang into growth.  Since I'm not used to having this flower at the window, I sometimes think someone is outside looking in when I catch a glimpse of it.  Ha!  Watching it grow has been like watching a time-lapse recording, and it finally bloomed today.  Sadly, before long, the weight of the flowers will pull it to the ground and break the stalk if I don't get out there and tie it to something.  I love these flowers!! 


Judy said...

I love them too, and seldom see them anymore. They are called Cannas in our neck of the woods.

Love your blog!!

Ariel said...

Hey, Regina! Those are Canna lilies or, just Cannas.
I love these flowers, too. My mom has some that are over 6 ft. tall!


Olivia Mulligan said...

We have them in lots of colors here like pink, red, yellow, orange and tropical blend of orange/red. Maybe white too. Once they are established, you can't get rid of them. LOL They are nice around a pond or pool area too. Just be sure to cut off the dead blooms so that the new ones will come out (kinda like dead-heading roses).