Saturday, June 28, 2014


I don't like to openly express how pleased I am with something that I've made, but . . . I was very pleased with this card because the design literally fell into place--straight from my head.  Two dreams--in less than two weeks--came true for my sister recently. 
#1 - She got a car (Volkswagen Beetle) that she's liked since the first Herbie movie
#2 - Her teaching license finally arrived, along with a job offer for the coming school year.
And so the idea for this card was born.  What could be a more appropriate way to congratulate her than a Beetle loaded down with teacher/classroom items, all the way down to a pencil tied to the hood and a "hearts" banner draped across the luggage rack?  The most important thing that she has always taken into a classroom--and will continue to take with her--is a heart filled with love for the children fortunate enough to land in her classroom.  She is not new to teaching but, in an effort to better herself and provide (hopefully) a higher level of job security, she spent two grueling years dedicated to earning her teaching degree.  It was quite a monumental feat while working full-time and sharing her time with children, grandchildren, and day-to-day responsibilities and obligations, but I guess it's safe to say that she is finally becoming what she always wanted to be.  I'm happy for and very proud of her, and all I have to say to the students who end up in her classroom . . . "lucky you"!!!


Nancy Dawson said...

You're amazing!

Chriserendipity said...

Regina, I am a teacher too, and know that your heartfelt card, plus the comments you said about your sister on your blog will mean the 'world' to her! She is so blessed to have you for her sister! I am sure by what you said her students will be blessed to have her as a teacher, too! Thanks for the wonderful card!
Chris in Calgary, AB Canada

Laura Lipe, Pisgah Forest, NC said...

Regina, my congratulations to Renee for getting her certificate and the new job!! I know she's worked hard for this and is probably very excited!! You have been so supportive to her the entire time and I'm sure she knows how much you love her!! I LOVE the card/card and all the teaching goodies you piled on!! What a keeper this one is!!
Hugs, Laura