Sunday, April 5, 2015


My computer started crashing last weekend, but I was able to continue using it . . . until I came home Wednesday night to find a black screen with two lines of options, neither of which worked.  It took quite a while just for me to figure out how to perform an F1 or F2 strike (those were my only options).  My husband got back in town on Friday and set me up with a temporary computer (so sweet of him), but a lot of my files and photos are missing, along with some of the programs that I use a lot.  I could cry over that, but I'm sure he'll take care of it.  Since I'm on a whining roll, let me just say that Windows 8 is kicking my butt and making me nearly insane.  Argh!!!!  And, for some unknown reason, the resolution on my display (monitor) has changed to very tiny text.  If that wasn't bad enough, the letters have a light gray shadow behind each character.  It's the next best thing to double vision! And . . . Microsoft stopped marketing the photo editing software (years ago) that I have been using for years and love, so I am very, very lost without it and apprehensive about what I will eventually have to learn to use.  As fate would have it, I seem to have left the installation CD on the ark, so it is unlikely that I'll see that program ever again.  BUT . . . all of this is temporary and pales in comparison to the reason for this beautiful spring holiday, and I just wanted to share this bunny card.  It's pitiful that I don't have a more reverent creation to share but, if I manage to do things right, you should find a lovely video below.  Have a happy and blessed day!

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