Monday, July 6, 2015


Today's MISM project is a very simple card that I designed for aunt Betty.  My mother, sister, and I visited her last Thursday and, bless her sweet little heart, she just didn't seem like her jovial, talkative self.  She recently fractured her pelvis, which has been causing pain and discomfort, and it's understandable that the whole ordeal has opened the door and let the blues in.  I even took a pretty bag of goodies for her, which I know she appreciated, but she just isn't in a happy state of mind right now.  The sentiment tag on my card is teensy and reads, "My love for you . . .", and then the remainder of the sentiment goes like this:
Betty loves to get cards, and she especially likes the ones that stray from the ordinary.  I sometimes give way too much thought to what kind of card to send when I should have already put a card in the mail, but I like for her to get a surprise when she opens the envelope.  :-)  She'll like this one, and I hope that it finds her spirits much higher than they were last Thursday.
Have a happy Monday, a wonderful week, and . . . if you have elderly relatives who can no longer "get out and go", send them a card or--better yet--go visit them this week.

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