Sunday, April 10, 2016


Today is daddy's birthday . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY, daddy!!!!  He's such a sweet, thoughtful, hard-working man, and he loves westerns, which meant that I had a golden opportunity to create a card for him using Tim Holtz's "Wild West" stamp set. 

I really enjoyed making this card because it all just seemed to come together on its own.  This was actually the second birthday card that I made.  When I finished the first one and held it up for a good look, I decided that it just wasn't good enough and certainly wasn't what daddy might expect from me--into the trash it went.  If you're a card-maker, then you know that exact feeling when the card you just made--the one for which you spent a lot of time looking for that place where you'd hid the Action Wobbles--clearly doesn't make the cut.  [sigh]  Inside this card, I adhered a gift card envelope (with a gift card, of course), and I hand-delivered it this past Wednesday.  He loved it!  I think he loved the gift card, too.  ;-)  And I love him! 

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