Sunday, December 18, 2016


There should be a 12-step program for the kind of mess that I generate when stamping.  Actually, if it could be a 3-step program, I might have a chance at learning to be a bit neater.  Having a basket under my table for cardstock cuts has helped a lot (even though I let it become a small mountain before sorting and filing--still, it's not an eyesore), and I always put tweezers immediately back in their place.  It's not as though tweezers are a most-used item for me but, for some reason, I am disciplined where they are concerned.  If you are creatively messy like me, then you've probably experienced the angst of a lost (wafer thin) die.  Or a stamp.  Recently, someone in the NC Demo Facebook group shared the idea of using a magnetic tray at the Big Shot/die station where thin dies can be placed until clean-up time when they are returned to their dedicated storage.  Isn't this a great idea?  My son came home from Tractor Supply last week and handed me an early Christmas gift . . . my very own magnetic tray:

The magnets are quite strong so, to make the dies a bit easier to pick up, I lined the bottom of my tray with a piece of adhesive-backed felt.  This also makes the dies easier to see, but the tray is definitely a winner--with or without a liner.  So . . . if all of your discipline to clean as you go flies out the window when you play with paper, you might benefit immensely from placing one of these trays by your Big Shot or other die-cut machine.  I might even take mine to classes/workshops!

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