Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Yesterday was Ramsour's first birthday, and it was also my son's birthday.  Chad and I enjoyed a trip to PetSmart to purchase a few fun toys for Ram, and he had a blast with them when we got home! 

Ramsour is THE sweetest, friendliest, most kind-hearted and gentle little fellow!  We've learned that he is also sensitive, which means that we have to be mindful to not let him think that we're upset with him.  Sometimes when I am cleaning the kitchen, which is a noisy job, he will leave the room because he thinks I'm mad.  Border Collies aren't supposed to be lap dogs, but Ram doesn't seem to know that.  He will often crawl up to my son's lap or beg to be picked up and, once held, he just relaxes and looks like he's right where he will ever want to be.  He is also the smartest dog that I have ever known.  He's a quick learner and, from a very early age, he knew all of his toys (about 8 of them) by name.  One of the newest games that he enjoys playing is hide and seek . . . we show him one of his toys, have him stay out of sight while we hide it, and then tell him to find it.  Sometimes he's ready to find before we are, but that's just how much he enjoys the game.  ;-)  Before we went to Tennessee to get him, I asked my son what kind of coat he would have and whether he would shed, and I'm not sure if my son just didn't know what to expect or if maybe he said what I wanted to hear.  All I know is that the saying is true . . . our Border Collie only sheds once a year--for 365 days.  We laugh about it and joke about turning all of his hair into a Ramsour clone, but I truly wouldn't trade our little guy for anything!  I could go on and on, but I really just wanted to share the photo collage and a little bit about our little birthday boy. 


Nancy Dawson said...

Lucky fella!

Laura Lipe said...

So funny--lots about Ram's birthday but nothing about Chad's! Ha! Ram is sure a cutie and since I love Gabby so much, I sure understand your love for Ram! Glad he and Chad had a fun birthday!

lisa808 said...

Happy Birthday to Ramsour and Chad. Sounds like Ram enjoyed his first birthday. Border Collies are super intelligent. I know what you mean about the shedding--our Jack Russell has a never-ending supply of hair.