Tuesday, March 6, 2018


My great-niece is 16 years old today.  When I sat down to make her birthday card, it seemed strange that I wasn't using bright colors or balloons--or anything festive, per se.  In my mind, there was going to be a pig on her card since she raised a pig for one of her classes at school.  Not surprisingly, she got a bit attached to Vega (the pig) and, instead of losing her to an unfavorable fate earlier this year, Vega was able to move to a forever farm home--one where she has a boyfriend.  I thought and thought and thought about a design for the card, all the while this day was getting closer and closer.  Last night it came to me . . . a barn door card.

If you're like me, you kind of expected a pink pig.  Until I had the pig stamped and ready to color, I had thought it would be pink, but Vega is black and white (or gray).  The striped embossing folder that I used on this card is one of several that I sent to my niece along with a Texture Boutique embossing machine.  Can you imagine how thrilled I am that she enjoys making cards????  Although she won't receive the large box FULL of all kinds of card-making items on her special day, she should have it by Thursday or Friday.  I'm a bad aunt to send the card and gift late, but late is what I do very well.  I think the gift will be worth the wait--I know it sure would thrill me to get a box like that!

Vega at her forever farm home

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