Friday, July 20, 2007

All in the Family

Dear Stamp-a-ma-jig:

You and I haven't always been friends--actually, I used to just push you aside to get to another tool in the drawer--a tool that I was really anxious to see. Truth be told, I sometimes pushed you around without noticing your usefulness. Of course, there was that one time when I held you tightly on the card stock, being ever so careful so nothing would slip. Even then, I secretly looked forward to putting you back in the drawer--to be forgotten. SAMJ, I assure you my feelings for you have changed. It is now very clear to me that Stampin' Up!'s new and really fun stamp set (All in the Family) is meant for you and I to share. How fitting that something called All in the Family would bring us back together. You can start looking forward to more opportunities to perform your magic. I can't believe you never stirred for attention, but I suppose that's one of your endearing qualities . . . that quiet confidence that I would, indeed, return to you. Affectionately yours . . .

Seriously, though, I could not have created the framed "my family" art without it! I know the designer paper is a bit busy on the frame, but isn't that Cutie Pie paper just adorable????? I love it!

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Lisa Pressley said...

This frame is ADORABLE. I love this set and can't wait to try it.
Thanks for the inspiration and the heads up on the SAMJ.
Keep it coming girl - your artwork is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!