Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Brocade Coaster Box w/Dividers

The new Brocade Backgrounds paper is GORGEOUS!! I have been trying to put together a set of desk accessories for an upcoming class, and this coaster box was one of my first projects with the new designer paper. Because of the time it takes to make one of these jewels, this box will not be one of my class projects.

It hasn't been too long since I made my first coaster box, and it was a nightmare . . . or so I thought. I carefully covered the coasters with designer paper and gave them time to dry. I meticulously laced the coasters together with ribbon, being careful to not leave any twists in the ribbon, and then tied the ribbon tails into neat little bows (this sometimes required tying again and again and again). When that part of the detail was complete, I straightened my back and stood up to admire how this project was coming along. I think I even remarked to myself something about how simple this was! And then came the time to place a bottom on this coaster box I'd worked so hard on. Everyone said that Crystal Effects would do the trick, so that's what I used. Oh dear! After nearly gluing my fingertips to the bottom of the box and pushing, squeezing, cussing, and pushing some more to get the bottom lined up so the four sides would make contact with the bottom, I was certain that I had failed the last step of this project. In my frustration, I tossed the box across the room but then retrieved it because I might later find a way to salvage the decorated coasters or find another use for the box that I was sure would have no bottom. I muttered a final word (just a little four-letter word) and walked away. Sometime later, I was cleaning up the room from ALL the supplies I'd left out and I picked up the coaster box to toss it in the trash and just as it left my hand, headed for the trash can, I realized that the bottom was intact!!!! Could it really be????? Oh yes!!!!! A little Crystal Effects really goes a long way! I was in disbelief, but so excited, and that first coaster box now holds a few bottles of Stickles and hemp twine. The moral of the story is . . . never give up! ;-)


Mason said...

I love this box! I'd like to make one myself, but I can't figure out how you cut the coaster in the center for the other one to slip over. Thanks!

Regina Andari said...

Thank you, Mason. I don't have your email address to contact you, but maybe you'll see this response. To create the compartments, a slit was cut in both coasters (up to the center of the coaster) so that one could slip into/onto the other. I hope this makes sense.