Saturday, March 7, 2009


With Spring right around the corner, I wanted to put together a new flower arrangement for my porch. I seem to always buy new flowers instead of using the ones that I already own, and I think I'll gather the old ones (from many years) and let my mother use them for my grandfather's grave. They'd look much better there than they do in storage! Anyway, on the left is the picture that I took of the arrangement. On the
right is an altered "colored pencil" look that I created from my photo. It looks pretty cool, huh? I did this to a picture several months ago (it's on my blog somewhere), and I love the look! When I find my raffia, I'll tie a bow around the watering can to add a finishing touch.


LuRae said...

Love your arrangement. Go purple! It's fun to see that you and others are artistic in so many ways, not just paper crafts. Spring has hit Missouri too -- in our own unique. We had the first measurable snowfall (four inches at that!) last Saturday and this Saturday we had 80 degree weather and thunderstorms! But change is exhilirating, right? Anyway, I love your arrangement.

Regina said...

Thank you, LuRae! Something about the onset of warmer temps makes me want to decorate for Spring! Your Missouri weather sounds just like ours with the snow one weekend and 80 degrees the next!

Olivia Mulligan said...

WOW!!! Can I ask what software or how you do this?? I would love to make a picture of my little dog who recently passed away, and transfer it to a canvas mat.