Friday, September 24, 2010


Thinking ahead to cooler weather, I wanted to share a project that I have worked on this week.  It's a box designed to hold 3x3 note cards and, possibly, envelopes--I haven't checked yet to verify that envelopes will fit inside the interior pockets, but I think they will.  As you can see, this box opens to reveal two pockets and ties securely closed with ribbon.  Another demonstrator shared the instructions for this box design but, at this writing, I cannot locate her name.  I can't even find the instructions on my desk, which desperately needs to be cleaned off.  I will eventually get the cards made for this project.  I will.  I certainly will.  I promise myself that I will get the cards made.

1 comment:

Jen A said...

did you ever locate the template for this box? it's adorable!