Thursday, May 9, 2013


I'm on the Creative Team for a bulk buy group, and Action Wobbles are one of the products currently being offered.  Let me just say that they are fun, fun, fun to use . . . and so easy!  I used Stampin' Up!'s "Quatrefancy Specialty" designer paper (soon to be available from the new catalog) to decorate the front of this Rolodex.  I adhered an Action Wobble to the back of the numbers dial on the die-cut telephone, so the dial has a spin/vibrate motion that is just adorable.  It's impossible to capture the movement with still photography, but the close-up photo below (sorry for the washed out color) at least shows the blur of motion.
If you are interested in getting some Action Wobbles (or any other items available in the current bulk buy opportunity), email me for details.  My email address is randari at hotmail dot com.

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Julie said...

This looks like a blast. Awesome card!