Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Last year, I really wanted a printed burlap stocking but couldn't find the burlap.  Well, that's not true.  I found the exact burlap that I wanted at an online site where individuals often sell handmade items, I became a member of the site so that I could order the burlap, but I never received the item.  It turned into a nasty episode when I opened an inquiry, and the seller turned into quite a psycho because I had the audacity to take reasonable steps to find out why I hadn't received the item that she had listed but obviously didn't have on hand and available to sell.  I don't mean that the seller was just a little unfriendly . . . I mean that she went to the far depths of hell for some extra crazy fury and tried to twist everything into something that it definitely wasn't.  She had no choice but to refund my money (which she eventually did), but she never admitted that the listing shouldn't have been there and that she didn't have the item to sell or ship.  Maybe that would have created an issue between her and the popular online site.  All I know is that it was such a nasty experience that I immediately cancelled my account once my money had been refunded and have never gone back to that site again.  Isn't it unfortunate how one unreasonable and awful person can make you cringe over something that could be quite enjoyable?  I don't even like to hear the name of the site, but I often do because people love it.
So, several months ago, I found burlap that would work nicely for my stocking and later purchased other stockings to use as a pattern.  When my mother and sister didn't have time to make it for me, I had to resort to my own means which takes the quality down a notch or two.  Ha!  It wasn't until I looked at photos of the finished stocking that I noticed some areas where I could have made the cut line a little smoother and blended.  It's not a perfect door decoration, but I am so happy to have it.  In the making, I learned that Stitch Witchery and a hot glue gun will hold just about anything together.  Don't tell anyone, but I breathe a sigh of relief each time I open the door and find everything on the stocking still intact.