Monday, December 28, 2015


Two of my Christmas presents that will get a lot of use are tabletop quilt stands.  My husband and son gave me one that will hold a 6" x 9" applique project, and my parents gave me a larger one that will hold a 12" x 14" banner/wall hanging.  I had a small (unfinished) piece for the smaller stand but was anxious to make something for the larger one.  Last Friday night, I was thinking about the Sunday game (Panthers vs. Falcons), and I decided that we needed a Panthers banner.  I whipped up this banner on Saturday and, sadly, our Panthers lost their first game of the season.  What????  I wasn't sure if the banner was a jinx, but I took it off of the stand halfway through the game hoping things would take a turn for the better, and now I'm afraid my guys won't allow the banner in sight during games. 
I knew my banner would need a panther and a football, and I knew the football would be an easy graphic.  The panther . . . not so easy.  I don't have an artistic bone in my body, but the process seemed much easier once I decided to stitch the blue and white shapes to a black background instead of having to cut the black shapes, too.  I've not worked with as many small/thin pieces of wool before and, even though the panther isn't spot-on perfect and my stitching could have been better, I am very pleased with how this banner turned out.  In case you can't tell what the gray thing is, it's my version of the NC state outline with an asterisk by Charlotte (I hope). 

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