Saturday, November 26, 2016


My family "roughed" Thanksgiving this year at the "get-away" house that isn't quite finished being built.  It did, however, have a working bathroom complete with vanity and (cold) running water, and Mother Nature provided a most important component . . . a gorgeous, sunny day!  HUGE thanks to my husband for all of his hard work cleaning up construction debris and dust, putting away tools (where they will most likely be harder to find when needed), and for many trips up and down steps and stairs getting things "just right" so that we could all tremendously enjoy the day.  I wish that I had taken more (and better) photos of the day, but below is a picture of most of us.  My great-nephews had finished eating and were on the deck peeping in the window and, of course, I'm behind the camera. 

I enjoyed doing some light decorating for the big day, but my favorite creation was the flatware packet that I prepared for each of us:

Below is a close-up of the blessing,
which I was happy to finally get to use:

I'm fairly certain that I speak for everyone when I say that it was a really fun day, and I look forward to many more celebrations at the place my husband affectionately refers to as "the rock".

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