Saturday, August 18, 2018


A few years ago, I noticed an old photograph at my parents' house that I'd never seen before.  During dinner, we were talking about the cute boy and girl in the photo, and my parents, grandmother, and sister convinced me that the boy and girl were twins that my grandmother put up for adoption.  Was this a family secret that was just now coming to light?  I had never heard anything about my mother having twin siblings!  I looked to mamaw to confirm or deny this tale, and she said that they had two small children at the time and just couldn't afford to keep the twins.  I looked from mamaw to the photo of those adorable twins, and I asked where they were today.  No one knew.  What shocked me the most is that no one at the dinner table seemed to care!  I studied each of their faces, trying to find a trace of the people that I had known all of my life, and they just looked back to me like I was crazy for being interested in the twins.  My sentimental sister surely had an interest, so I whipped around to study her face, and she just looked at me like I was nuts.  I became insistent that we HAD to find the twins!!!!  Now . . . as foreign as my family members seemed at that instant, I also seemed like a foreigner in my own skin.  It was not at all like me to spearhead (so emphatically) something like this, and yet there I was thinking of the world wide web searches that I would have to start and would I need to hire a private investigator, get on a plane (for the first time), see if Finder of Lost Loves was still on TV, etc.  My family let me leave that evening thinking that "we" had twins to find.  

The truth of the photograph is that no one knew those children.  I don't remember where my mother had found it, but she decided to put it in a frame to see what my sister and I would say about it.  It probably goes without saying that I was the last one to see it, and they had already concocted their funny story about mamaw's twins that she gave up for adoption.  The one and only selling point to their story was that mamaw went along with it, and I'm here to tell you that she SOLD that story to me hook, line, and sinker--not so much with her few words about it but in the way she didn't deny it!  I learned later that mamaw told my parents and sister to hurry and tell me the truth before I had time to get home and start some huge investigation and research to find twins that didn't exist.  LOL!!!!  We had a really good laugh about that--and I still laugh about it.  

While going through a box of greeting cards today that I brought home from mamaw's house (they were all cards that I had made and sent to her through the years), I found this one that just cracked me up!  By the way, the tale of accusing my sister of being a grudge-holder is a whole different story.

So . . . Happy Saturday!!!  I hope this post brings a smile to your face and that your family's dark secrets are just as non-existent as our twins.

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Funny, wWat a great story. I have members in my family that are pranksters, too!