Sunday, January 25, 2009


I'm having such a fun day! I came in here to clean up (makes me giggle to write that) and, of course, I got side-tracked. I'm listening to my blog music--do you ever listen to my music? Do you enjoy it? I absolutely love the power of music and the way it can totally "take you back" to days, some of which don't seem nearly as long ago as they really were. There's something about the song, "Life in a Northern Town" that is so me! Another song that has been a favorite forever is "Lady." Anyway, I wanted to share my two-hour project with you . . . this ViewMaster card. I've made a ViewMaster before, but this one was a bit different because it uses the big Scallop Circle (Sizzix die), and there are other things that make this one different than what I've made, therefore it was more challenging. Notice a portion of the scallop circle on the right of the card? As you spin it around, the image in the small circle window changes.

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