Thursday, January 1, 2009


My favorite day of the year is Christmas Day because my family gathers at my house. We don't do anything remarkable--we just kick back, snack, and enjoy the day. It's always so much fun . . . and funny. This year, as I was stirring cheese sauce for the macaroni, my mother said that I should be using a spatula instead of a fork. Huh? She always used a fork . . . until she secretly started using a spatula!! My husband heard the tail end of this conversation and chimed in that I would be better off to use a whisk. A whisk???? Now I know that I'm not an expert in anything kitchen-related, but did these two really know what they were talking about? Eenie, meenie, miney, moe . . . I chose the spatula. Boy, did that seem awkward, and I managed to slosh the sauce here and there onto the stove. My mother said that it was because I was stirring the way that I swing (a porch swing) and rock (a rocking chair) . . . too fast. LOL! A few days later, mother visited my great-aunt Betty, who lives in an Assisted Living facility, and she was saying that she got to go home and make dinner. During the conversation, mother told her about my macaroni, and Betty laughed and said that she always uses a big spoon to stir the sauce!!! So . . . the idea for this card was born. This is a shaker card with macaroni noodles (uncooked, needing no sauce) in what's supposed to look like a measuring cup. There's no stamping at all on this project. The cup was cut with the Cricut, and everything else was designed on the computer. Betty will get a kick out of this card! She's a really special person! You can read more about her in other posts on this blog. In the meantime, I'm going to try to learn more about cooking, but it will surely help if my mother won't change the rules. BTW, when Renee and I were little, my mother always had us break the cheese into small pieces so it would be ready to go in the pot. Guess what? I learned a few years ago that cheese doesn't have to be torn into small pieces--mother just assigned that task to keep us busy. All this time, I thought it was a requirement and it kept me busy for YEARS! I even used to have Chadrick tear the cheese! LOL!!!!!

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Judy H. said...

OMG, Regina - that's too funny! And I would prefer to use something like a spatula myself, not a fork. Different strokes for different folks. LOVE your card and so will your aunt! I love that you can customize stamping to ANY occasion or person! TFS. Judy H.