Thursday, October 29, 2009


Have you ever done something wrong and, after you discovered the error of your ways, you wondered HOW you didn't realize it sooner? This tile is my example of brain cell mutiny! I absolutely KNOW that Craft ink should be used on tiles, so why did I use Stampin' Up!'s Classic ink . . . again and again? I suppose I was just having too much fun and anxious to finish the tile. The only problem is that the tile would have remained in an unfinished state if I hadn't covered the wet ink with Stampin' Up!'s Glassy Glaze and popped it in the oven for a while. I had another tile that I'd also stamped with Classic ink, and I finally cleaned it with alcohol, so at least the tile can be stamped again. I could have taken a picture that didn't show so much of the gloss, but I wanted you to see how pretty the Champagne Mist shimmer paint looks on the flower centers and edges of the petals. I love that stuff!!!! Even though a hot pot might melt the Glassy Glaze embossing, I don't think this tile is a total waste . . . it looks very nice propped on a frame stand (or whatever you call those things). This 6x6 tile would make a really nice Christmas gift. I could just tie some ribbon around it, make a tag, and call it done!

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