Monday, October 5, 2009


I decided tonight to pull an idea out of my head and put it in my hands. I've actually tried a two-step glitter project before, but I've never taken on quite a challenge as this one. After I cut a piece of Stampin' Up!'s "Sticky Pages" using the "Lattice" die and Big Shot machine, I held it in my hands and thought, "What should I peel first and which pieces should I pull out?" This really took some thinking! And then I had to select glitter colors! All in all, it turned out pretty much according to plan. Let me say it like this:
I had an idea that wouldn't go away,
so I got out the glitter and started to play.
Now there's glitter in my eyes and on my nose;
All over my thighs, and between my toes;
My knuckles sparkle and so do my elbows,
and I'm sure there's glitter where glitter shouldn't go!
The glitter cloth helps to clean up nicely,
should I use it on me . . . not once, but twicely?
Could this be a class project endeavor?
Certainly! I'll present it on the 12th of NEVER!!!!
~ © 2009 Regina Andari
In all seriousness, I think everyone should try this type project; however, I recommend a less intricate design to work with. Now that the messy part is done, I look forward to seeing how I'll end up using this glittered beauty to complete an actual project! IF YOU CLICK ON THE PICTURE, A LARGER ONE WILL OPEN SO YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE THE KIND OF SPARKLE THAT I'M WEARING! ;-)

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Debbie said...

Pretty impressive! The art piece AND the poetry!