Friday, October 2, 2009


This may seem like an odd picture/collage to be sharing today, but I was looking at my new grass (pictured here . . . with some fallen leaves and tire tracks from the mower) and thought that I haven't seen grass like this in a long time. It's not that I'm a grass enthusiast or anything, but my grandparents used to have what I thought was Heavenly grass . . . it was a dewy shade of green and very soft, unlike any I had ever stepped on. You know how religious pictures (in churches, on bulletins, etc.) used to have that clean, pure, soft "everything's beautiful and perfect" look--unlike anything found on earth? I'm talking about grass like that. My grandparents, during my early childhood, lived in a two-story house on a hill that was at the end of a long driveway that had its own bridge over a creek (aka "crick"). I used to be scared to ride over the bridge because it had no sides. The creek that flowed beneath wasn't deep enough to cause a drowning if the car had fallen over, but I was a child and didn't think of that. The creek did get deep at times, though, and made the driveway impassable! Maybe that's what I thought of, afraid the creek would suddenly swell when we were on the bridge. Since I am writing about my grandparent's old house, I thought I'd share a picture that came from that house. It now hangs over my mantle, and it is a treasure! My grandmother says it's worth nothing and the frame will probably fall apart (it's not in mint condition), but this picture is one of my earliest memories of that house and my family, and it is a priceless treasure to me. This picture is in the background of some pictures taken before my mother and daddy were married and when I was a baby and during so many Christmases celebrated there, so it's very near and dear to me . . . and quite old (not saying that I'm old . . . the picture is). Shortly after we bought our house, mamaw said I could take this picture off her wall if I wanted it and hang it in my house. "If" I wanted it????????? In a heartbeat!!!!! I knew just where I wanted to hang it! It hasn't moved since we moved in, but it moves me all the time.

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Debbie said...

That's a neat story, and I completely understand about the associations of your memories. Much of my parents' belongings that we split up among us are valuable emotionally for the same reasons. Items that are significant because of what/where/how we remember and tie them to your childhoods.
I wonder what things my kids will remember as so signifant?