Friday, January 8, 2010


Yesterday, we walked by the front door, and there was Buddy . . . waiting patiently for one of us to come by and offer a treat.  Instead of just posting the picture, I wanted to apply a colored pencil filter effect so, obviously, this isn't "just" a snapshot.  I uploaded the photo to Stampin' Up!'s "My Digital Studio" and added some digital punches, brads, and ribbon.  So easy, and yet these little additions took the picture to whole new level.  ETA:  Funny story . . . the door bell rang this afternoon and when my husband opened the door, there was Buddy--all smiles (I know for sure he was smiling) and tail wagging.  My brother-in-law had stopped by and decided to get the bell for Buddy, but we didn't see him (BIL) right away.  I've been waiting for Buddy to learn how to knock on the door or ring the bell, but he's at least learned to escort someone to do that for him. 

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