Sunday, January 31, 2010


Have you ever made a pie that turned out this ugly . . . and inside out???  Yes, that's PIE CRUST in the center of the pie!  This pie took so long to bake . . . I was up late waiting for it to bake "enough," giving it 5 more minutes, 7 minutes, 5 minutes, another 8 minutes after the 45 minutes that it had already been in the oven!  By the time it looked done, I was ready to get out of the kitchen!  This morning, I cut the pie and, good Lord, what happened?  It appears that the filling traded places with the crust, and the filling isn't even good!  I didn't have a single can of evaporated milk, so I substituted with a little bit of regular 2% milk (which I know is quite different).  Who would have thought it would totally ruin the pie?  I can understand if I didn't have cocoa, vanilla, or sugar, but milk????  My sister commented not too long ago about the number of evaporated milk cans in my pantry and asked why I had so many.  At the time, I couldn't recall the last time I had used any--it just seems like one of those things you always pick up at the store, you know?  Maybe I roam the house in my sleep and use evaporated milk because all those cans got used for something!  I suppose I'll toss this pie in the garbage, where my kitchen skills reside.  I swear, I think I am about as skilled in the kitchen as I would be trying to survive in a wilderness (or the backyard).  I'd really like a delicious chocolate pie, but now I'll have to wait until the snow melts so I can buy a can of evaporated milk.  [heavy sigh]

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