Saturday, October 16, 2010


Thursday night, I made delicious Pumpkin Bread.  I found the recipe in a Paula Deen magazine and had to wait until the stores put pumpkin on the shelves before I could try it.  One thing that I learned is that while I was looking at the ingredients, I should have also paid attention to the measurements--this recipe made enough Pumpkin Bread for an army!  Of course, that didn't register with me until I measured out 3-1/2 cups of flour to combine with 3 cups of sugar and thought that my bowl might not be big enough to hold all of that!  I said to myself, "Wowza, Self!!!!  We're makin' a lot!"  And then I had to find pans large enough to bake all of the mix!  The recipe said to spray two 9x5-inch loaf pans, but just two pans that size would NOT hold all of the batter.  I used one 9x13-inch pan that was sectioned to make eight mini loaves AND my Pampered Chef Rectangular Stoneware Baker, which is larger/deeper than the average 9x13-inch casserole dish!  This experience reminded me of a time years ago when I made my first Pound cake.  O-M-G!!!!!!!!!!  We called it the TON cake.  The cake batter rose and rose and rose and spilled over and over and over.  At least THREE TIMES I had to take the cake(s) out of the oven and either pour some of the batter into another pan and/or place the pans on baking sheets because it was imminent that the swelling batter would definitely overflow.  If I remember correctly, I had used S/R flour instead of A/P and, most likely, had added the baking soda and salt.  I don't remember if all of the cakes ever did bake, but I'll never forget that experience.  Pound cakes are scary things!  Ha!  But . . . I am sharing my Pumpkin Bread.  My Inkerbelles' got a taste at class last night, my sister took two mini loaves home with her today, and I wrapped and tagged three mini loaves (pictured above) to take to my mother, daddy, and grandmother tomorrow.  For holiday baking and gift-giving, this recipe is perfect and might just prove to be your all-done-in-one-shot recipe!  In case you're wondering, I used Stampin' Up!'s "Cute by the Inch" and "Tiny Tags" stamp sets to create the tags.

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Linda H said...

I don't know if this will help any now, but for next time...I made pumpkin for pies once and had pumpkin left over so I added this homemade cookie mix to it and made cookies...however since You probably had everything in the bread mix You could have added nuts and raisins and baked like cookies! They actually come out really good!