Monday, January 24, 2011


Late last night, and I do mean "late," I decided that I would make a woven basket since the one I made three years ago (HERE) has become overstuffed.  I have loved that basket but, shortly after starting a new one, I realized that I had forgotten just how much I hated making the first one.  I was very proud of it (the first one) once I completed it, but I would not have bet money that I would still be using it three years later.  The basket pictured here is actually the second one that I started--the first one, which was to look like the first one, got cussed, squished, and tossed in the trash.  I think spit may have been involved, too!  I didn't want to give up, though, so I started this new basket using a less stressful method.  It was not without challenges and mess-ups (covered by the bands), and I had to walk away from it so I could get some rest, but I finished it this morning.  It shaped up to be a woven thing (more like a cup) and will hold a few things, so mission complete.  And now I know why my next basket, if there will ever be one, won't get started before 2014. 

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Anonymous said...

Love, Love Love it!!!! Where did you find the pattern, if you can share it?