Sunday, February 24, 2008


My "mission" today was to try weaving a basket with strips of card stock. I saw one on a blog last week, and I loved it! It didn't look too complicated. [inner child ROFL] I saw those ladies at the Southern Christmas Show making baskets, and they looked as if they could make them while blindfolded. My grandmother learned to make them years ago--real ones--and she made some gorgeous baskets--all sizes--and I still have the ones she gave to me. And I shall surely treasure them more than ever! OMG! What a royal pain this basket was! Mamaw, thank you for every basket you ever GAVE to me. I will never understand how you forced yourself to make basket after basket OR how you could give them away. Mine, as loosely woven and crooked as it is, shall not leave this room! I'm pleased that it does, indeed, look like a basket, and it will surely hold some things (if they're not too small to fall through the loose weaving). I figure this basket is perfect for holding cotton balls. I apologize for the poor quality of the photo, but I guess I'm too adled to even take a decent picture.

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