Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The overhaul of my home continues and, while progress is being made in the stamp room, I haven't reached the point where I can make a stampin' good mess while having a stampin' good time.  [heavy sigh]  While moving things around, I was placing this "Loads of Love" card back in its place.  This is one of my very favorite cards, and it stays on display year-round.  Each time I look at this card, I remember the night that my son helped me with it.  I wanted to create a scene, but I cannot draw anything!  Chad drew the winding road and the tree, as well as the hilly landscape, and helped me decide whether the dogs should go at the base of the tree or by the wooden sign and to use a little pulled cotton to create exhaust from the truck!  Mind you, he couldn't have cared less, but I had such a good time with him and appreciated his help so much.  I have an L-shaped countertop in my stamp room and, when Chad was younger, his computer station was at one end of the counter and mine at the other end.  He probably got very tired of me asking if I should use this color or that, what does this card need, is this proportionally correct, etc., but he never really seemed to mind my interruptions and we had so many good times in this room!  I suppose you could say that the title of this post is really two-fold:  Loads of Love . . . Blast from the Past.

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Debbie said...

/This is a set I go back and forth about buying with each new catalog (or Inkerbelles class). I like the story accompanying the card even more!

Also, I like your new banner, the colors, the style, the whole thing!

Looking forward to our next evening of stamping and seeing what you've done to your home.