Saturday, February 11, 2012


I don't normally dabble with mixed media but, as I was working on what I thought would be a strip of stamped and colored butterflies, something outside of the box reached right out and pulled me in!  I held that narrow strip of watercolor paper in my hand, marveling at how pretty the butterflies looked, and then it occurred to me to swipe a different color of ink (four of the colors found on the butterflies) on each of the four corners.  Hmmm, me thinks to myself . . . not bad . . . let's grunge it up a bit and add more stamped images.  So I did.  And then I decided to grunge it up a little more by spraying a "Perfect Pearl" mist, which added a really pretty pearlescence overall.  Don't ask where my bravery came from, but I then reached for a gold acrylic paint dabber and randomly swiped gold onto the paper.  I thought the gold looked a little too "boldish," so I lightly sanded the paper to tone it down.  I really like the end result!  It's a bit busy--but in a good way. 


Nancy Seed said...

Mixed media seems to work for you. Great job. Love the effects.

Julie said...

Your card is Gorgeous Regina! So glad you took the leap. :)