Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I've had a stack of 3" x 6" canvas boards sitting on a shelf for a couple of weeks, and today was the day that I would create something with one of them.  The problem was that I had no idea what I wanted to make but, with mixed media, I should have remembered that it's no problem--you don't have to have a specific idea--you just need to start.  I began by covering the canvas with three different designs of paper tape and then added some purple, green, and tan paint on top of the tape.  I then used a stencil with a daisy/floral design and, after trying a few colors of ink spray, I decided I liked the white spray.  Notice the textural floral burst?  I placed the stencil on the canvas and covered it with textural paste.  When that was dry, I added some highlights with a yellow marker and yellow glitter glue, finishing with a substantial dollop of glitter glue in the center.  While I waited for the glitter glue to dry, I die-cut the foam butterfly, decorated it with some rhinestone jewels, and glued it in place.  I also outlined the stamped word "shine" with the glitter glue, and then decided to go ahead and take a picture.  It's good that I have this picture because shortly after I snapped it, I dropped the canvas . . . yep . . . face down, flattening and smearing that substantial dollop of glitter glue.  Argh!!!!!  The good news is that I was able to clean it up, and no one will have to know what happened.  I no longer have that beautiful, dimensional golden bead, but I do still have a glittery tactile golden center.  Gotta LOVE that about mixed media art!


Susan said...

LOVE this; I don't have the confidence to do this yet!!

Kelly said...

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Marwick Brown said...

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