Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The tutorial for this pretty portfolio filled with cards, envelopes, and separate sentiments was added to Craft Project Central today and is a great gift project.  The card sentiments (for various occasions) are kept in a little drawer inside the portfolio and can be quickly added to a card when you need one.  Instructions include variations on how the little drawer can be used if you choose to put the sentiments on the cards as you make them and don’t need the drawer for the sentiments.  This smart project was designed by Kris McIntosh, and you will love making several of these portfolios filled with cards!  It's not too late to subscribe to Craft Project Central to gain access to this tutorial and all of the others posted this month!

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Laura Lipe said...

Great card, Regina. I know Lise will love it! Mary Ann wants the instructions andI think I can figure it out but do you have theM written out somewhere? Is it just a square card folded in?
Smiles, Laura