Wednesday, January 22, 2014


My stamping mojo is slowly returning since the holidays.  Sometimes I come in here with the desire to stamp, but I look around the room and can't think of anything that I want to make.  Over the weekend, I set out to make a card for mamaw.  It seems that I have slowed down on sending cards to her, although not intentionally.  I visit once a week--not the same day each week--which makes it difficult to find the right day to put a card in the mail so that she'll receive it between visits.  My sewing machine was still on the table, ready to use, so I knew that my card for mamaw would have some sewing.  This is what the front of the card looked like . . . very, very simple in design:
But the inside had a neat 3D paper-pieced pop-up chair in a pretend living room, complete with a neat embossed rug and an outdoor scene visible from the window.
The sentiment (which happened to be so perfect) was attached to the chair with a vintage brad.
I wasn't sure where to place a written message, but I ended up writing it on card stock and slipping it under the chair to ride along in the card.  I think mamaw will enjoy this card a lot, and what are you willing to bet that it will show up in her mailbox today . . . while I'm there?

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Nancy Dawson said...

Too, too cute! Did u make the chair or was it a die?