Thursday, April 17, 2014


It was time for a new wreath, and I found a lot of inspiration on Pinterest.  That's where the entire idea for this wreath was born . . . must have a burlap bow (I love burlap), must have hydrangeas, and my wreath wouldn't be complete without a pretty monogram.  While at Michael's on Tuesday, I thoroughly enjoyed all the time that I spent choosing the right flowers . . . the ones that weren't as pretty as the pricey stems but would suffice for the door.  I actually had a few pricey stems in my cart until I found some flowers with a better price.  And let me just say while I'm on the subject of Michael's . . . how is it possible that anyone who works in a craft store can be a frowning, stone-faced grump?  The one grumpy employee that I kept running into while shopping came up to check-out just in time to call "Next!" when I was next in line.  Ugh.  Of course, she didn't bother to greet me; after all, she'd had plenty of opportunity to be pleasant while I was shopping.  One by one, I laid my selections on the counter, looking at the display after each item was scanned to make sure the correct sale price showed up.  I could tell that this was irritating to her, but I didn't care.  I figured it was easier than having a conversation with her about anything.  I was there during the 2-Day Doorbuster sale, so I had a LOT of little items to place on the counter.  Dear Michaels, you have an employee who would rather be somewhere else.  So, I grabbed my bags of goodies and set out on the hike in the rain from the store to my car, which I'd parked far, far away where no one but me would park.  As soon as I got home, I worked on my wreath, which really didn't take long at all.  In no time, I had it hanging on the door.  In case you're wondering, the bow was going to be at the top of the wreath, but the wreath itself just barely fit in the hanger, so the bow had to move.  I was kind of glad because I think it's nice to not have such a predictable placement.  I have to share this little bit of humor . . . when I showed the wreath "parts" to my husband, he wanted to know where I planned to hang the wreath.  I told him it would go on the door, and his brows shot up and he said, "I hope you don't plan to put a nail in the door."  Uh . . . no . . . it will hang on the over-the-door hanger like all of the other wreaths have hung for the past 17 years.  LOL!  So I learned that my door decorations have been unremarkable (to him) all these years.  The things that go unnoticed!

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Jane McAulay said...

that is so pretty and Fadi is a lot like Frank!!! Happy Easter we will be camping next week in SC and having company all week I will need a vacation when I get home