Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I like to send extra special cards to my aunt Betty, and I wracked my brain for weeks trying to think of what kind of Christmas card I would make for her this year.  And then the Silhouette Online Store had a 50% off sale on all SVG designs, which is where I found this one by Lori Whitlock.  It looked easy enough, and I barely added anything to it.  The design really didn't need anything--for Christmas, doesn't a nativity scene suffice?  My apologies for the bad photo, but there was something special about the way the light was shining down from the top of the card.
I actually made two of these cards and sent one to aunt Betty and one to my parents.  Can you tell that the card is a shadowbox design, and can you guess that it folds flat for mailing?  Awesome!  What you definitely can't see is that the card has a depth of approximately 1" from front to back.  It was a bit tricky for me to initially figure out how to put the card together.  I knew how the three layers were supposed to fit, but I wasn't sure how much space to leave between each layer or whether it mattered when and how to adhere the front and back panels.  In the end, I thought I might have "overthunk" it.  It's a stunning design, isn't it?  I've been a fan of Lori Whitlock's designs for a while now, and this one doesn't disappoint!  My three additions are the rhinestone jewel in the center of the star, the navy organza ribbon, and the stamped sentiment from Stampin' Up!'s Gentle Peace stamp set.  When I first received that stamp set, I thought that I must have been out of my mind to buy it, but I have come to really enjoy and respect it.  It had the perfect, most appropriate sentiment for this card.  Soon, I will share a photo of the main image from that stamp set that I took the time to color.  In the meantime, you can get a glimpse HERE.

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Nancy Dawson said...

Awesome! I almost bought this cut but didn't. Might better check it out again. TFS it is stunning!