Wednesday, December 3, 2014


95 years.  Say it slowly . . . ninety . . . five . . . years on this earth.  Can you imagine all of the things--the changes--mamaw has seen?  I won't give away my own age, but it is a blessing to have had my grandmother in my life this long.  Most people who are my age haven't had a grandparent for years--some don't even remember their grandparents.  To clarify, some people were young when their grandparents passed away and weren't given the chance to really know them.  Of course, there are people whose most extravagant waste of opportunity is the time they could be spending with a family treasure . . . a grandparent.  Until a year or so ago, mamaw's health was remarkably . . . amazingly . . . well, but things have been changing.  It's never easy to come up with a perfect card for a perfect little mamaw (and she would love whatever I send), but I chose this peony quilt block image (from, reduced the size of it, and made it the focal point for my card.  The sentiment that I chose is one that I felt really defines her since she has made so many quilts through the years.  Happy Birthday, dear mamaw!


Julie said...

What a heartfelt card you made. Before I read your whole post, I said out loud, Awww a quilting card, how thoughtful. You're the best granddaughter a Mamaw could ever wish for.

Jean Fitch from jlfstudio said...

Beautiful card Regina and Happy 95th Birthday MaMaw. A long lived grandparent is indeed a treasure. Well really a grandparent who you have shared at least a bit of your life is special in so many ways.

Though I lost my own grandmother when I was in my 20's we had a very special relationship and her shared stories were amazing. A woman born in the 1800's who went from a horse and buggy/wagon to seeing astronauts land on the moon and herself flying on airplanes with no concept that flight of any kind was more special than another. It was getting up in the air that was the tricky part. She taught me to play cards and to appreciate all people and especially the realization that life continues to be interesting and full no matter your age. That there are always new corners to turn and adventures to be found whether you are 10 or 80 something.

You are so blessed to still have Mamaw and her life example to enjoy. And she is blessed to have a loving granddaughter who appreciates, loves and wants to spend time with her sharing the joy and love of the generations.

Bless you both!

Nancy Dawson said...

I am sure she will love it!

Lynn Gauthier said...

Beautiful, beautiful quilt card.