Friday, September 11, 2015


A Stampin' Up! order arrived today.  Eight new stamp sets.  Eight.  Three of them have coordinating dies, and I now need to hurry and get my room in order so I can justify having my own personal stamp-a-thon.  As I entered the details of these new sets on my log, I wondered if 679 was an outrageous number.  What's that?  You don't keep a log of your Stampin' Up! stamp sets?  I've been a demonstrator for over 10 years (a customer for a little longer than that), and I don't know why I started keeping a log.  It could be the same reason that when I do anything that could involve counting for a purpose, I count--even if there's no purpose.  Putting glasses on the shelf, I count them in my head, and I really like it when the last number is an even one.  Anyway . . . as I processed the new stamp sets, I thought that 679 is, indeed, a pretty big number, and that's just the Stampin' Up! sets that got logged--I'm sure there are some that slipped through the cracks, and then there are a lot of non-Stampin' Up! sets that don't get logged.  This '80's song started playing in my head (hopefully, the video shows up):

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