Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Do you ever feel that you are always buying or creating new decorations for seasons, holidays, events, etc.?  I certainly feel that way, and for a good reason . . . I'm guilty of doing just that.  I've recognized a few reasons for this madness:  
~  I don't have a good place (or ample space) to store wreaths and decorations and/or 
~  They're not easily accessible from the attic and not protected well enough if in a storage building and/or
~  New seasonal/holiday merchandise looks so fresh and appealing in stores and/or
~  If I buy new things and bring them home, I know exactly where they are (for now) and can put them to good use (for now).

Recently, I created this Fall vignette in a corner on my porch.  The good news is that I didn't spend very much on it since the floral arrangement was already being "stored" on my dresser for the past two months (since I cleaned out my closet).  It most certainly didn't belong in the room, but I didn't want it to get ruined or forgotten.  To enjoy it until Fall arrived, I placed some lighted twigs in the mix, but I don't turn the lights on while it's on the porch.  I maybe spent $5 on the decorations around it.

Once I had a pretty corner on the porch, the door needed something Fall-ish.  Clearly, this wreath wasn't going to work.  Fortunately, I recently saw this video make the rounds on Facebook, and it looked easy enough.  My sweet mother (and you know mothers have everything you need) gave me some wire hangers yesterday and, when I got home with them, I pulled out the roll of burlap and the Fall flowers that I recently purchased and put together this wreath:

And now my porch doesn't look like a mix of seasons--only Fall, and my investment was less than $15.  If I end up having to throw it all away to make room for Christmas decorations, at least there's not a lot of time and $$$ involved, right?  Of course, the flower arrangement will have to move back to my dresser.  ;-)

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