Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned this before, but I am a new quilter.  Actually, that's a lie.  I haven't quilted anything, and I don't really plan to quilt anything.  Let me explain.  It all started early last year when I attended a quilt show for the first time and fell head-over-heels in 💓 with wool applique.  If you've been to a quilt show, then I'll bet those scrumptious bundles of wool have crept (is that a word?) into your heart.  So I've been enjoying wool applique for the past 18 months.  At the quilt show, I signed up for a one-year commitment to a block-of-the-month (BOM) kit (remember that I had never worked with needle and thread before), and I'm still working on that quilt; however, along the way, I have created a lot of other small projects and started collecting patterns.  One of the most recent projects that has captured my interest is The Splendid Sampler ™ blocks and bonus projects, which you can read all about (and collect the awesome patterns) HERE.  I have changed some of the elements on the BOM kits each month, and I chose three of The Splendid Sampler ™ patterns for the most recent quilt block that I worked on:

I hesitate to even acknowledge this, but I feel compelled to mention that I am well aware that the measuring tape is all kinds of wrong.  LOL  The thing is . . . it's a snippet of ribbon that just happened to be an appropriate element for my block and . . . well . . . why not?  It was purchased for use on a banner and never intended to actually measure anything, and I thought it looked just fine on my block.  My sweet mother made the yo-yo's for this project, and they were made from fabric that I salvaged from some bedroom valances that I no longer wanted to use.  Mother also provided the needle on the dress block.  The buttons (the one on the far right isn't really falling off) are retired from Stampin' Up!, and the other fabrics (besides wool) featured on this block are Red Herringbone Flannel from Prairie Woolens and Sand Primitive Muslin Flannel from Missouri Star Quilt Co.  If you are at all interested in quilting or starting a fun, new hobby, I would encourage you to look into The Splendid Sampler ™ blocks and bonus projects.  The blocks are 6" square and quite quick to complete.

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