Thursday, January 18, 2018


If I'm not mistaken, all of my blog posts featuring shaped cards are prefaced with a statement that goes something like this . . . I love love love shaped cards!  I used to really enjoy designing shaped cards on my handheld Gypsy (by Cricut), which seems so very primitive in comparison to the ease of designing projects via Cricut's online Design Space.  I also remember when my Gypsy crashed and had to be reset, which resulted in the loss of ALL of my design files, and I thought that I would never get over that.  I did, of course.

While it snowed yesterday, I enjoyed designing and assembling these cute snow globe cards:

I could have gone to the extra trouble of creating a framed acetate layer--and I did consider that--but I thought the cards had enough layers and looked really sweet without the fuss.  It's difficult to tell, but the cardinals were cut from shiny red foil paper, and the large blue background (and Frosty's hat, too) is cut from thick glittery and sparkly cardstock.  The "thank you" card that's front and center is the one that I put in the mail to cousin Mildred (see THIS related post), and the others were mailed to some special people who will enjoy the mail.

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Stasher said...

I love this card! I have a small collection of waterglobes and this reminds me of that.