Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today is off to a wonderful start. I was listening to the radio, laying in bed, convincing myself to wake up (I have sooooooooooooooo much to cram into this one day) when my husband called. His flight isn't until 1:00, but he was calling early to remind me that UPS should be bringing his netbook. Not so much time had passed before I heard what sounded like a UPS truck (yes, I know how they sound . . . I'm usually listening for one of them).  Looking out the window, I saw that it was UPS.  O-M-G!!!!!!!!! Dash out of bed, why are my feet choosing now to forget how to put on thong sandals, grab yesterday's jeans to put on, run to the mirror and try to make hair lay down, stand up, or just come together, [ding dong . . . UPS at door now], and realize that I must put on a bra. It seemed like FOREVER passed while I struggled with what seemed like four arms to get that bra on, all the time repeating "must hurry . . . can't miss this delivery."  Breathlessly, I opened the door and tried to look normal, and that schoolmarm-looking UPS lady was giving me the "and-she-thinks-I-can't-tell-she-just-jumped-out-of-bed-and-I'll-bet-her-bra-is-twisted-in-the-back" look.  Whatever!  I wonder why UPS can bring my husband's beloved order early in the day, and I always have to wait, wait, wait for my fun orders.  The good news is that I have something to mark off of today's list.  The netbook is really cute.  I'm tempted to load "My Digital Studio" on it and play.  Ha!

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