Friday, November 13, 2009


Since my last post was a gripey one, I decided I should post something pretty!  This picture is one that I snapped as the sun was going down today.  The tops of the tallest trees looked so nice with the glow of the setting sun, but my photo looked mostly drab.  So, I "doctored" it using a colored pencil filter and then added the window framing.  Since my photo showed up (on the gray mat in my editing program) with white corners around the curved window frame, I thought they had to go!  My sweet and talented son made them disappear using Photo Shop and then came in my room to upload the picture for me.  When he saw that my blog background was white, he just shook his head and questioned WHY I thought those white corners mattered.  LOL!  I wasn't even thinking that they wouldn't show up here!  Anyway, hope you enjoy this pretty picture!

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